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Bed Bug Control Services Oakville

Our bed bug treatment services in Oakville, help you get back to a bed-bug-free home. The bed bug inspection is the first step to finding evidence of bed bugs infesting in your home. If evidence is found, the next steps are taken based on the bed bug infestation level. Finally, following up all pest control services ensures peace of mind and measures the success of the extermination.

Bed Bug Inspection in Oakville

Visual Bed Bug Inspection

Visual inspections are the most effective way to determine your bed bug problem and then exterminate it. Our licensed exterminator, bed bug expert & entomologist performs every visual inspection for bed bugs. We search and show our clients bed bug evidence such as fecal matter, exoskeletons, eggs, nypmhs and adult bed bugs.

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Forensic Bed Bug Inspection

Another inspection method that is a part ofBed Bug Control & Bed Bug Extermination in Oakville involves using a blue light torch to observe physical evidence of bed bugs when the light is under an orange filter. Other forensic tools include carbon dioxide bed bug traps, also known as active interceptors.

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Bed Bug Extermination in Oakville

Prevantative Bed Bug Treatment

A lightweight treatment with smaller costs for homeowners who have small infestations (such as a small population of bed bugs confined to only one room - based oon inspection results). We use tools to prevent the bed bugs from resurging and exterminate whatever is currently there. This is followed by coaching and monitoring.

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Complete Bed Bug Extermination

We provide full treatment options to get rid of bed bugs completely from your home. Our licensed exterminator will construct a treatment plan based on your residence and bed bug situation, and complete the entire extermination, getting rid of all bed bugs and eggs. We have chemical solutions, purely mechanical solutions, dry steam solutions, and organic treatments for bed bugs.

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Bed Bug Services Follow-up Oakville

Bed Bug Extermination Follow-Up

We provide follow-up our bed bug treatments in Okaville to make sure you are free of bed bugs. It is also an opportunity for clients to ask any further questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Bed Bug Control in Oakville

Do you provide bed bug treatment in Oakville yachts and boat sleeping units?

We have been exterminating bed bugs in all residential structures, and have experience treating boats in Ontario that had sleeping corridors.

Do I have to leave during the bed bug treatment?

No, there have been sitautions where we exterminated bed bugs with special treatments and protocols such that the resident never left the unit.