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Bed Bug Exterminator Vaughan

Hire the best bed bug exterminators serving Vaughan since 2010.

Bed Bug Control & Extermination Services in Vaughan

Pioneers in Bed Bug Extermination

Led by an Ontario licensed entomologist, our company has established itself as a leader in bed bug extermination in Vaughan since 2010. Situated in the bustling York region, Vaughan’s dense population and continuous growth draw countless families each year. Yet, with this urban expansion comes a rise in common city pests, posing challenges to both residential and commercial spaces across Vaughan. Our expertise in pest control positions us perfectly to address these challenges, ensuring a pest-free environment for our clients.

13 Years
of Bed Bug Control

Award-Winning Client Satisfaction

Pest Solution Services, renowned for its expertise in bed bug management, boasts a prominent reputation in the field and a track record of high customer satisfaction in Vaughan. Our dedication to providing outstanding client service has been recognized with the ‘Best Of’ award from HomeStars for an impressive nine years running, highlighting our unwavering excellence in the industry.

100% Extermination Guarantee

We provide personalized bed bug treatment options designed to thoroughly eliminate your bed bug concerns. Our unwavering 9.9/10 average score on HomeStars demonstrates our commitment to not only removing bed bugs but also ensuring they stay gone.

9.9 / 10
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Get a Personal Consultation in Vaughan

Upon contacting us, you will be directly connected with our lead entomologist, guaranteeing a specialized consultation for your bed bug problem. This direct line allows you to ask detailed questions about our premier bed bug extermination services in Vaughan.

Bed Bug Inspection

  • Visual Inspection

    The first step in addressing bed bug issues in Vaughan is a comprehensive visual examination to detect bed bugs in your residence, carried out by our experienced entomologist and licensed exterminator. This examination involves an extensive search for evidence of bed bugs, including fecal matter, exoskeletons, eggs, nymphs, and adults. Additionally, the inspection process involves instructing residents on managing pest problems effectively and offering a tailored bed bug treatment plan if an infestation is present.

  • Forensic Inspection

    In Vaughan, we also implement forensic detection methods for bed bug control, using cutting-edge technologies and visual aids. Employing a blue-light torch fitted with an orange filter helps reveal and inspect physical evidence of infestations. Additionally, we use CO2 and heat traps to stimulate bed bug activity, luring them from their hiding spots by simulating the warmth and CO2 output of a resting human body.

Bed Bug Extermination

  • Complete Treatment

    Applying a series of targeted bed bug removal techniques in a strategic sequence can completely rid a space, whether a single room or an entire residence, of infestation. Our approach to extermination encompasses a variety of tactics, with dry steam treatment being a key component for certain situations. Heating areas to 180° C when necessary, this method guarantees the safety of your belongings and furniture. Tailoring our approach to the specific requirements of each home, our detailed bed bug control plans have effectively eliminated even the most challenging infestations. Taking into consideration every element of the home environment, including the presence of pets, young children, and household schedules, we utilize a mix of chemical and eco-friendly treatments. This strategy for tackling bed bug issues in Vaughan ensures a thoroughly bed bug-free living space.

  • Preventative Treatment

    In cases of minor bed bug infestations that don’t require aggressive treatment, adopting a preventative strategy can be beneficial. This approach includes simple measures like using mattress encasements and interceptors to deter bed bugs. Opting for this proactive bed bug control method in Vaughan offers an economical solution for managing initial infestations, saving clients money.

Bed Bug Services Follow-Up

  • Bed Bug Follow-Up

    Ensuring successful bed bug treatment in Vaughan requires diligent follow-up by our expert extermination team. This essential step offers clients the opportunity to resolve any lingering doubts or queries. Moreover, it serves as a means for clients to overcome the stress and trauma often linked with infestations, thanks to our empathetic, informative, and guiding approach.

Vaughan Bed Bug Exterminator Near You

Pest Solution Services has bed bug control and treatments service coverage of a 100 kilometre radius around Toronto.

  • Toronto
  • Mississauga
  • Brampton
  • Oakville
  • Barrie
  • North York
  • Oakville
  • Kitchener
  • Richmond Hill
  • Vaughan
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Bed Bug Control FAQ

Can I get rid of bedbugs by myself?

Attempting to tackle bed bugs with DIY methods usually falls short. It’s recommended to employ professional control techniques sooner rather than later to avert a serious and unhealthy infestation. In Vaughan, professional bed bug exterminators provide top-notch removal services, equipped with specialized tools not accessible to the average person. These professional services guarantee a thorough elimination of bed bug infestations, in contrast to DIY attempts that can result in prolonged problems and doubt.

I found bedbugs in one room of my house, so does that mean my whole house is infested?

Finding bed bugs in a single room doesn’t necessarily indicate an infestation throughout the entire house, particularly if the problem hasn’t been ignored for a long time. An expert inspection is crucial to accurately determine the level of infestation in each room and across the entire house.

What parts of the body do bedbugs usually bite?

Although bed bugs can bite and feed on any part of the body, they typically focus on areas like the hands, feet, arms, shoulders, and neck, which are usually uncovered during sleep, unlike the side of the stomach.