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Licensed vs. Unlicensed Exterminators

Aug, 2023


When we are called to a bed bug scene that the client had tried to get exterminated but the bed bug extermination failed, we sometimes find many regulations violated when seeing how the chemical was applied by the previous company.

This is from the signs of unlicensed bed bug exterminators and companies who violate regulations on scene and provide cheap exterminations. Here we discuss the importance of homeowners making sure they hire licensed bed bug exterminators.

The Process of Getting Licensed

Licensed exterminators in Ontario need to pass multiple exams with a 75% or higher mark after studying material given to you by the Ontario Pesticide Training and Certification.

The exam and course book materials contain valuable information that needs to be known by any competent exterminator to avoid bad practices that ruin homes when applying chemical incorrectly.

After passing these exams and obtaining a certificate, they apply for a license with the Ministry of Enironment in Ontario which requires them to meet certian requirements as well.

All of this means that by hiring a licensed exterminator you are working with a responsible and government authroized business to take care of your pest control needs.

Access to Restricted Chemicals

Without the correct licensing requirements being met, a company is unable to buy restricted chemicals that can only be sold to pest control companies with the correct licenses to show the vendors.

Hiring an unlicensed company to exterminate hard to get rid of pests like bed bugs will not go well. They will not have the correct chemicals needed on hand; those are usually kept by companies who are able to purchase restricted pesticides and are licensed to use them.

Bed Bugs & Pests Will Keep Coming Back

Building off of the previous point, pest problems will likely resurge in your home after a short period of hiring unlicensed exterminators.

Although the cost of an unlicensed exterminator is cheaper, you might need to pay another company afterwards in order to re-exterminate your home a second time.

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