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Why Do Bed Bugs Keep Coming Back?

Oct, 2022


We have dealt with far too many clients whom, after they had applied some type of bed bug removal method (whether DIY or some other company), have seen bed bugs come back. The infestation resurges and its all due to a single reason: the infestation was not removed from its source.

Those very clients have then experienced a complete removal of their bed bug problem after recieving consultation and services from Pest Solution Services (as you will see in the authentic testimonials in this article). Here we present some stories which illustrat the ways a bed bug infestation can resurge and why you will need a company that goes above and beyond to take care of such situations.

Home Employees

There have been many encounters where an employee hired to work and stay at the client’s home was continuosly acting as a vector, transporting bed bugs from their home to the client’s home.

After treatment at a particular house, a single piece of furniture (a couch) was constantly becomingre-infested. Further investigation showed that a house-job employee was sleeping on this couch which led to the consistent pattern of re-infestation after every week.

It’s hard to convince a client that their employee is bringing back the bed bugs; you need the employee to open up and say the truth or inspect their house. After being threatened to get fired for not disclosing the truth, this employee finally cried openly that there was indeed an infestation at their own home.

Although it seems cold-blooded, the only way to get rid of the bed bugs is to actually fire the employee or make them get rid of their infestation. Regardless of which way you take, the results are simple: bed bugs stop coming back.

False Alarms

Okay, so this is when you think bed bugs are coming back, but they’re not. Seriously, you’re just too paranoid. Not every bug/beetle or brown speck of dirt is a bed bug.

Here’s an experience from (sometime before 2015) to illustrate: a client whose bed bug infestation was completely exterminated by Pest Solution Services, would every now and then send pictures of bug resembling things found in the home to verify they are not bed bugs.

Sometimes the client would send the objects in mail to be verified. And of course all of them were false alarms.

So when you ask: “Why do bed bugs keep coming back?”, are you sure they actually are coming back?

Poor Treatment

One customer was involved in DIY attempts to get rid of bed bugs for three months before calling us for professional help. You see, DIY when dealing with bed bugs almost always just makes thing worse; the bed bugs come back. With professional help, the customer was relieved of the bed bugs and we all learn an answer to the question “Why are bed bugs coming back?”: probably because you are using DIY methods to get rid of bed bugs.

Lastly, is an experience to shows you the importance of hiring professional and licensed help and why hiring non-reputable companies will get you asking “Why are bed bugs coming back?!”

A family that just got a brand new house right off the builders’ hands called Pest Solution Services for a bed bug inspection. They had bed bugs in 2 of 5 rooms and a little problem with a living/family room. They refused the quote for the treatment and so we parted ways but I left them with advice that had the any points with the underlying theme of hiring a reputable professional with a strategy other than cheap sprays.

So they did exactly that…

and again…

and again…

and perhaps went against the advice a 4th time too…

How do I know? Because I would go on to recieve an e-mail that described they had gone against the advice and want Pest Solution Services back on the scene. Since the very first inspection they had thrown out all their furntiture, were sleeping on different mattresses and the bed bugs had infested all 5 bedrooms and were crawling as deep as in to the baseboards. This time they hired us for the treatment, and the bed bugs did not come back…

Final Thoughts

Now you probably know the answer to why bed bugs are coming back at your place. It requires a true bed bug investigative professional to pinpoint the source of your infestation and make sure that it is completely gone.

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