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Bed Bug Control Services

Pest Solution Services follows a scientific and knowledgeable approach for all bed bug control services and, thus, practices a No Evidence - No Treatment policy. The inspection is the first step to finding evidence of bed bug infestations in your home. If evidence is found, the next steps are taken based on the bed bug infestation level. Finally, following up the treatment ensures peace of mind and measures the success of the extermination.

Below you will find explanations of the bed bug control services offered.

Bed Bug Inspection

Visual Inspection

With knowledge of entomology and years of experience, presence of a bed bug infestation (or just a single bed bug) can be detected using visual inspection techniques. This involves searching for evidence such as fecal matter, exoskeletons, eggs, or simply nypmhs and adult bed bugs. A visual inspection is fuelled by extensive knowledge (searching the correct areas, identification, behaviour, etc.); inspections without knowledge may easily lead to misidentification or failure.

Forensic Inspection

With the use of clever technologies, bed bugs and infestations can be detected in a forensic-like manner. Among such methods is the use of blue-light torch with an orange filter, helping to discover and observe physical evidence of infestations. Another approach is the use of CO2 and heat to stimulate bed bug activity - taking them out of hiding by simulating a resting body with the CO2 and heat.

Bed Bug Extermination

Prevantative Treatment

A preventative strategy may be used against bed bugs in some areas of the home. This is decided after inspection findings. The procedures and measures of the preventative plan are used in areas that only require foundational measures to eliminate and prevent bed bugs. A resourceful method of extermination that saves homeowners' money.

Complete Extermination

A full treatment against an infestation requires scientific knowledge and inspection results. Using different bed bug control methods - often in succession - a bed bug infested room or home can be recovered. Among the many methods that may be used in a complete extermination, is the use of dry steam coupled with another set of techniques. Used only in necessary situations, steaming at 180° C and with appropriate use, the dry steam method leaves residences and furniture unharmed and undamaged.

Bed Bug Services Follow-up


Following up services ensures service success and a bed bug-free home. It is also an oppurtunity for the client to remove lingering doubts and confusions by asking questions, and an oppurtunity to rid oneself of the trauma (caused by dealing with an infestation) through supportive, therapy-like, educational assurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

I found bed bugs in one room of my house, so does that mean my whole house is infested?

Not necessarily. Unless the problem has been left neglected for a long time, finding bed bugs in one room does not justify assuming the entire house is infested. An expert inspection can determine the level of infestation of each room and the entire house accurately.

Can I get rid of bed bugs by myself?

Many homeowners seek to get rid of bed bugs by themselves by looking for over-the-counter insect sprays and buying in to poor tips given online. It is best to practice professional control methods before the infestation becomes extremely damaging and unhealthy. Professional services provide homeowners with the correct perspective of their infestation, and completely solve the problem with the tools that homeowners may never have access to. With a professional service, bed bug infestations are removed completely, whereas Do-It-Yourself methods result in prolonged infestations and uncertainty.

Do bed bugs fly or jump?

No. Bed bugs crawl, and that is how they may reach from one room to another. They also get transported to another place via clothing and bags. They do not fly, nor jump.

Are bed bugs visible with the naked eye?

Yes, all life stages of the bed bugs can be spotted with the naked eye. However, some life stages are more easier to see than others: the adult bed bug is the easiest to recognize.

What parts of the body do bed bugs usually bite?

They may bite and feed on any part of the body, but most likely the hands, feet, arms, shoulders, and neck. In the bed bug bites section above, you can find a picture where you see many bites on the arm compared to the side of the stomach (which only has a few).