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About the Company

Bed Bug Specialist Company Based in Toronto

Why Choose Pest Solution Services?

Dealing with bed bugs is a stressful situation. You deserve a trustworthy specialist service, backed by a company verified review profile with an average rating of 9.9/10 based on 450+ reviews. You deserve a scientific approach to exterminate your bed bug infestation; that's why Pest Solution Services does not just provide exterminator work - having studied in entomology, you receive a scientific approach and entomologist expertise. You want discrete service: a vehicle without pest control advertising that doesn't alert the neighbours.

Here are the benefits of choosing Pest Solution Services for bed bug control:

  • Studied in entomology: the science of insects
  • Education on bed bug infestations along with answering questions
  • Assisting homeowners with assurance and therapy-like support to overcome the effects of dealing with heavy infestations
  • 450+ reviews, moderated by a third party
  • Vast coverage of the Greater Toronto Area and many more service locations to help you
  • En Route in an unmarked vehicle: vehicle does not have bed bug advertising or pest control decals. (NOTE: Vehicle is required to have a small identification marker, which contains the word "Pesticides") Read more about unmarked vehicles

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