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Unmarked Vehicles in Pest Control

Mar, 2021


Having bed bug infestations is generally looked down upon. Seeing a pick-up truck with a bed bug painted on one side and a commercial advertisement of “Pest Control” on the other side, parked on your driveway, will probably make you feel embarrassed and hurt your reputation among the neighbours. This article details for homeowners the Pest Control Discrete Service Standard and its three levels of unmarked. Look for a company that meets these levels if privacy and discrete bed bug exterminations is what you need.

Level 1: Unmarked Vehicle

An unmarked vehicle is one that is free of any commercial logos and pest control advertisements in order to benefit the client by keeping the pest control services as discrete as possible.

NOTE: Ontario requires operator license holders to place an identification marker on vehicles that store or transport pesticides. The marker includes the word “Pesticides”, however, it is a requirement and the marker is small and practically unnoticeable.

Other general contractor stickers and decals, (such as those that display awards) are also considered harmless since there is no implication of pest control services.

Homeowners may prefer to not have anyone in their neighbourhood find out about their pest infestations, and having a vehicle free of pest control decals servicing their home allows no room for such assumptions among the neighbours.

Generally, this has no affect on the expenses of the company and thus, the homeowners should not expect to pay more to such pest control companies.

In sum, unmarked vehicles do not raise expenses of pest control companies, and instead, are for the benefit of homeowners and should be taken advantage of. If you are privacy conscious and need discrete service, then ask about unmarked vehicles when choosing a pest control business to hire. Pest Solution Services offers bed bug extermination while meeting Level 1: Unmarked Vehicle requirements and offers all services in an unmarked vehicle.

Level 2: Unmarked Gear & Tools

Helmets, flashlights, and other tools that exterminators brandish, may be marked with their company’s logo. Having professional tools and clothing without any marking other than the manufacturers is far superior for a homeowner that wants discrete service, since the professional servicing them does not expose any details about the work being done.

Plain white coveralls, protective gear paired with unmarked exterminator mask, allows for no interpretation of a bed bug infestation. To an on-looker, it could be a painting job, carpenting, or any other contract work.

Pest Solution Services offers pest and bed bug control services with unmarked gear and tools, and thus, is compliant with Level 2: Unmarked Gear & Tools

Level 3: Concealed Equipment

The final level introduces the idea of concealing any pest control, job-specific equipment before carrying it in to the house or building, to perform an extermination or inspection. All pest and bed bug control equipment will be concelaed and will seem like general equipment to any observer outside the home. This allows for no interpretation of a bed bug or pest control extermination since the pest control equipment is concealed. Level 3: Concealed Equipment is specific to pest control equipment. Other general tools such as ladders, and trolleys are part of Level 2: Unmarked Gear & Tools and do not need such concealment due to their general use across all professions. Pest Solution Services conceals pest-control equipment within the Level 3: Concealed Equipment guidelines described.

Discrete Service To Meet Your Needs

At no extra cost to homeowners, Pest Solution Services is automatically compliant with Level 1: Unmarked Vehicle, Level 2: Unmarked Gear & Tools, and Level 3: Concealed Equipment. Which is no surprise since Pest Solution Services is not only a pioneer in the bed bug extermination speciality, but has been among the forerunners in offering an unmarked vehicle service.

The compact, comprehensive, 3-tier Pest Control Discrete Service Standard is introduced by Pest Solution Services for the benefit of homeowners and to easily convey the idea of discrete pest control services to homeowners looking for it.

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