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Educational Assessment

This stage helps homeowners understand if they have an infestation, and what the next steps should be. Identifying (all or most of) the following: ant colony, nesting possibilites, property damage possibilites, house sanitation, and house perimeter condition is needed to draw an extermination plan. Homeowner experience with the pest (discovery, frequency, sighting locations) is also crucial.

Ant Extermination

Extermination scenarios include either a coupled treatment of both the house perimeter and house interior, or direct nest applications, or by-stander methods that can show effectiveness in days. Perimeter: may be necessary to unclutter the perimeter and cut back branches that are in contact with the house. Interior: correct use of pesticide and nest location if needed. By-Stander: method in which ants forage pesticide and colony diminishes.

Educational Assessment

Careful assessment of the home with an exterminator respiratory mask and correct equipment helps draw information about the infestation whilst avoiding transmittable diseases. Identifying the initial reason for mice to get in (small openings, or cracks near the bottom of garage doors, or carried in with furniture) is essential to prevent further infestations. As for the mice population within the home, a torch providing different lights aids in identifying territorial urine marks, frequently used pathways, and droppings.

Mouse Extermination

An organized strategy of elimination (of current population) and prevention (of new mice coming in) can dispose of the mouse problem in your home. Combination of glue board traps and bait stations bring mice populations significantly down, especially when placed exploitively with an understanding of mice behaviour. The initial entry reasons cannot be ignored and must be blocked off, removed, or repaired in order to supress an infestation resurgence due to new intruders finding their way in.

Educational Assessment

Cockroach inspections, much like mice inspections, require appropriate equipment. Homeowner experience with the pest (sightings, frequency, appearance), is the first package of information. Identifying the type of cockroach can have an affect on treatment plans due to their varying factors such as time to maturity, ability to fly, eggs per ootheca. Other factors such as cleanliness, slits and gaps near food and water supply, and poor yard conditions near property may also be assessed.

Cockroach Extermination

Getting rid of cockroaches involves giving attention to slits and moisture crevices, using baits, and other pesticidal treatments. Combining that with clean house practices and vaccuuming allows for an uncomfortable atmosphere for cockroaches. Population level drops significantly and the pest is eventually eradicated.

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