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Bed Bug Exterminators Mississauga

Hire the best bed bug exterminators.
Servicing Mississauga since 2010.

Bed Bug Control & Extermination Services

Bed Bug Experts in Mississauga

Pest Solution Services is the only bed bug control company you need to hire for all your bed bug extermination services in Mississauga. We have been operating a bed bug speciality in the GTA since 2010 and have many happy customers from the Peel Region: Read from over 500 testimonials.

13 Years
of Bed Bug Control

Award-Winning Client Satisfaction

Pest Solution Services is a long-standing expert bed bug control company that has competitive standing in both the industry and with customer satisfaction. HomeStars awarded us the “Best Of ” award 9 years in a row for upholding positive client satisfaction.

100% Extermination Guarantee

Extermination is carried out with an entomologist who has more than 30 years of experience of working in pest control solutions, and 10 of those years servicing Mississauga for bed bug control extermination.

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Get a Personal Consultation

Your call connects directly to our lead entomologist so you can receive the best consultation for your bed bug situation and ask questions about our industry-leading bed bug extermination services.

Bed Bug Inspection

  • Forensic Inspection

    Another inspection method used for Bed Bug Control & Bed Bug Extermination in Mississauga is a forensic type of investigation performed with clever tools. Primarily, using a blue-light torch with an orange filter helps to discover and observe physical evidence of infestations. Secondary tools include carbon dioxide active bed bug traps.

  • Visual Inspection

    Our renowned bed bug visual inspection is the first step of Bed Bug Control & Bed Bug Extermination in Mississauga. Performed by our entomologist, bed bug expert & licensed exterminator. We search and show our clients bed bug evidence such as fecal matter, exoskeletons, eggs, nypmhs and adult bed bugs.

Bed Bug Extermination

  • Complete Treatment

    With a tailored bed bug treatment plan, entire houses have been recovered from deadly infestations. We offer our treatments are tailored for every client, we take in to consideration pets, babies, timings, etc. We have chemical solutions, purely mechanical solutions, dry steam solutions, and organic treatments. This step of the Bed Bug Control & Bed Bug Extermination in Mississauga service leaves your home bed-bug-free.

  • Preventative Treatment

    Preventative treatments involve a faster, lightweight treatment followed by installing various bed bug monitoring and prevention tools in a room of the house. This is followed by coaching the client on further bed bug prevention. Preventative bed bug treatment is used when the bed bug infestation levels are low.

Bed Bug Services Follow-Up

  • Bed Bug Follow-Up

    We provide follow-up services to Bed Bug Control & Bed Bug Extermination in Mississauga. This is how we make sure we get rid of bed bugs. It is also an opportunity for clients to ask questions, and receive one-on-one coaching.

Locations For Bed Bug Control

Pest Solution Services has bed bug control and treatments service coverage of a 100 kilometre radius around Toronto.

  • Richmond Hill
  • Vaughan
  • Milton
  • Niagara
  • Markham
  • Thornhill
  • Newmarket
  • Maple

Bed Bug Control FAQ

Do you treat condominiums for bed bugs in Mississauga?

Yes, we service condominiums for bed bugs.

Do residents have to evacuate the home during bed bug extermination?

No, there have been situations where we exterminated bed bugs with special treatments and protocols such that the residents never left the unit.

Can I get rid of bedbugs by myself?

Do-it-yourself methods are almost always useless against bed bugs. It is best to practice professional control methods before the infestation becomes damaging and unhealthy. Professional bed bug exterminators provide quality bed bug removal, with the tools that no one else has access to. With a professional service, bed bug infestations are removed completely, whereas Do-It-Yourself methods result in prolonged infestations and uncertainty.